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Company Profile

Headquarters: Miaoli, Taiwan
Passed ISO 9001 certification
Provide high-quality and stable optical passive component products used in optical fiber networks

Quality Assurance
ULITE Technology is committed to providing customers with the highest quality products. Our production environment, manufacturing process and engineering verification procedures have all passed ISO 9001 certification. All products of ULITE Technology have undergone strict environmental testing and complete reliability testing to ensure the best performance level during the entire product life cycle.

Quality Policy Statement
ULITE Technology is committed to achieving the highest quality and reliability in the optical communication products provided to customers. Since the establishment of the company, we have been committed to establishing industry-leading reliability and outstanding quality goals, and then finding ways to do better.
The quality and reliability concept of ULITE Technology begins with the premise: ULITE Technology will continue to maintain excellence and become the customer's primary supplier, and must consistently meet or exceed customers' quality expectations.

.Quality Commitment
.continue to innovate
.customer satisfaction

It is a key element of ULITE Technology's quality policy framework. In order to effectively achieve the goals of the quality policy, appropriate quality goals and indicators are determined in advance, and then regularly evaluated to ensure the continuous improvement of product quality.
Under the strict implementation and compliance of quality management system procedures, in all stages of product realization (including design, procurement, manufacturing, inspection and testing, delivery and internal audit), Yudi Technology provides customers with a reliable quality management system. Leading technology and consistent quality products.
While making employees fully understand, the quality policy should be reviewed and evaluated at an appropriate time to ensure its adequacy and effectiveness. Therefore, under the guidance of the quality policy, its goal is to lead Yudi Technology to become one of the world's top suppliers.

Commitment to quality
The management team supervises and operates the quality management system of ULITE Technology in accordance with the quality policy, quality indicators and management review objectives. Our commitment to quality is

.Full participation of all employees
.Comprehensive communication
.staff training
.keep improve

Aug. 2011 ULITE founded,
Nov. 2012 Thermal Inkjet cartridge production line ready
Apr. 2013 Optical fiber Patchcord production line ready
May 2014 Tight buffer cable production line ready
Jun. 2014 AFNOR ISO9001:2008 Certificated
Jul.  2017 AFNOR ISO9001:2015 Certificated
Feb. 2018 POF Patch Cord production line ready
Mar. 2018 MPO Patchcord production line ready
Jun. 2018 AOC products mass production for Japan customer
Nov. 2019 ULITE New Zhunan Plant completed
Dec. 2021 ULITE Kaohsiung Plant completed
Feb. 2022 ULITE Zhunan Plant II under progress
Apr. 2022  ULITE Armored Cable production line ready